Friday, November 13, 2009

Do I cut back gladiolus flowers or dig them up?

It depends on where you live. In California we don't dig up our Gladiolas. We wait until they are brown(they store nutrients for next year) then cut them to the ground. They come back every year. If you live where it snows, you might need to dig them up after they've died back. Taking note to remember exactly where they are planted.

Good luck.|||cut back and dig up and clean and let dry before frost and save in clean dry paper bag in basement or in cool but not cold place|||if its perrinial and comes from bulbs then cut down to about 3 inches and then mulch in the winter with dead leaves to keep the frost out of the bulbs and to save them|||The bulbs need to be dug up... you can try to cut them back and cover them with leaves or straw before it freezes but you may risk killing the bulbs and having to start over again in the spring.

Will gladiolus come back each year?

yes and they multiply|||most likely|||If you live where the summers are cool enough, they will. In the US sub-tropical zones, 8 and 9, the bulbs will just rot away in the heat and humidity.|||If you are in a cold zone, say 5 or colder, there is also the chance that they will freeze out and not come back. This seems to depend on the cultivar and also if the bulbs are deep enough to be below the frost line.|||Yes they will

When do gladiolus bloom?

I believe 6 to 8 weeks after they are planted. so you can maintain a series of blooms by staggering the plantings.|||In the summer time.

Good Luck!!|||Mine are starting to bud out and will be blooming in the next

couple of days.|||usually when they get to be over a foot tall. you can tell they are going to bloom.. if you gently fell them and the middle feels like there us a " pencil" in the middle.... that will be the flower stem... a few days after that you should have a bloom. good luck!|||Glads bloom if planted now-around mid July to early august.

Are gladiolus perennials?

yes, they are. However, every few years you need to dig the bulbs and separate them (so they don't get overcrowded). They are beautiful as well!!|||They're usually hardy to about zone 7-9. Check the label when you buy them. If you're in a colder zone (lower number) you'll need to dig them up every year.

Check the USDA hardiness zone to find out what zone you're in.|||Only with a little help. If the temperature in winter goes below 35 degrees, the bulbs need to be dug up and kept in storage for the winter.|||I have Glads in zone 6, gets pretty cold here in OK. but they come up every year.|||I suppose it depends on where you live. Actually I believe they are classified as perennials. I live in the deep south, and my glads are already over a foot high. Not blooming yet, but the foliage is beautiful. Here in the south, it is not necessary for me to remove my glad bulbs in the winter. They come back every year. However, since the old glad corm ("bulb") dies off and replaces itself with a new corm on top every year, the bulbs will work themselves to the surface after a few years. So, I dig up my glad bulbs every 3 years, divide them, remove any "babies" and replant the glads in February.

If the ground freezes below a depth of an inch or two where you live, you should dig up your bulbs every year and store them in a cool dark place.

Two questions on gladiolus?

I bought a package of gladiolus last yr when i panted them they grow out of the ground but they never bloomed why do you think that happened? Now that its warm agian when should i see them grow out agian i have one that grew up and i dont see any more is that normal or do you think that the rest wont grow? How can i tell if the flowers died and wont come back.|||If you don't see them by June they may have perished. If they didn't bloom they may have not received enough sunlight...they need at least 6 hours of sun a day. Also try spreading bone meal around the flower bed where they are planted...this will give you some amazing flowers.|||first thing I would do is PLANT long as they have enough water and sunlight you ought to have I don't know what you mean by agian ....that may be your problem!!!!!!

I bought some gladiolus bulbs on clearance sale.Should I plant them now , in the fall or wait until next year?

Plant them now!! Water well. You may not get flowers this year, but if you get green stems, they will feed the bulbs for next year's flowers. When the stems turn brown, cut them off at ground level.

They usually should be planted in the spring. If you wait to next year the bulbs will be all dried out and will not grow!!!

In your area, you do not need to dig them up in the winter.

Good Luck!!|||If you live in the Northren part of the U.S., you need to wait until next year. Plant them in late Spring/Early Summer and you will have beautiful flowers.

These bulbs have to dug each Fall. They will not withstand the harsh North Winters.

I planted my gladiolus bulbs today that is march 1st.Iam in LosAngeles when will i see the flowers?

Hello (again) Ash -

You sure are a busy LA bulb planter. :)

You should see your glads begin to flower around June/July here in LA (if you just planted them). You can leave these in the ground and no need to repot/force/move, etc. In fact, the more you leave them in the ground (again, here in LA) the more succesive bloom seasons and length you will experience. These bulbs do particularly well here when they are taken good care of (and, great luck with Freesias too).

So, to answer your question. You should begin to see your blooms in LA in early Summer. Try not to overfeed them (too much fertilizer) and try to expose them to the best light possible.

Have fun!

Chris "glad to see another glad" C|||after soil has warmed; they'll bloom in 65 to 100 days|||For fact they like warm moist soil, fertilize 2 tsp of miricle grow every two weeks and you should have shoots between 2 -3 months ensure they soin drains the water they grow slower once the soil is muddy good luck